Three TOP Tips for Raising a Confident Little Girl

Three TOP Tips for Raising a Confident Little Girl

Parents across the world watch their little girls blossom, from adorable babies into beautiful young women. Overall, the aim in life is to ensure that during the challenging stages between younger academic years and adolescence, your little girl continually grows in confidence, happiness and resilience.

We thought long and hard about the top three bits of advice we would give to mothers to help them raise their sweet little girls into confident and ultra positive women!

1. Point out positive female mentors, role models and examples besides you

There is no doubt that your little girl will love and admire her mummy from birth all the way up to when she leaves for university and beyond. It is important for her to understand that it is okay to find inspiration in other women – especially if they share similar interests or career thoughts. The  This person could be a relative, a close friend, a public figure or even a character in a positive book! The point is, the more your little one sees you admiring the achievements of other women and encouraging female empowerment, the more confident she will feel within herself for when she steps out into the world.

2. Encourage a healthy mind, life and body

Get both you and your little girl into a healthy routine each day. This doesn’t just have to mean eating food that does well for your body and energy levels, but also having more of a positive outlook on life and focusing less on the negative and encouraging more optimism in your lives. Practice turning a seemingly bad situation into new opportunities and your little girl should begin doing the same!

3. Communication is key!

Your little girl has so much more going on in her life than you may think. From school exams, changing friendships, physical and emotional changes, innocent crushes and much more, you may find her acting out of character as a result of her not knowing how to react in new and challenging situations. It’s important to ask questions sensitively and of course, listen, listen, listen! However, sometimes you may have to give her the space to process information before acting on them. Of course, depending on how old she is will determine how much you may have to monitor the situation as her parent.

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