Top tips to empower the young female leaders of tomorrow  

Top tips to empower the young female leaders of tomorrow  
Here at the Deena London headquarters, we are preparing ourselves for the hustle and bustle that London Fashion Week brings. Amidst schedule planning, castings, sample designs and guest lists, there are a number of strong, creative and intelligent women working hard behind the scenes in so many capacities to ensure the show goes on.
With so many inspirational figures paving the way for a new generation of powerful women, we really can’t help but wonder what our little ladies will grow up and be driven to do in the world. All we can really do is encourage them and surround them with opportunities and new experiences to help mold them into the strong women they are destined to be. With that said, we’ve gone ahead and pulled together a short but effective guide to help you along the journey of motherhood:
  1. Teach your daughter how to articulate her thoughts an beliefs in order to build confidence in herself and communicate her views clearly to people. The more you do this, the less fearful she will be doing this during lesson, recitals, speeches, during challenging friendships, relationships and eventually, the work place.

2. Give them more responsibility and create opportunities for them to practice decision-making. If you insist on making every decision for your youngster, they will find it difficult to handle this amount of responsibility when you are no longer there to be able to hold their hand. Encourage them to speak out about things they do and do not agree with, let them come to conclusions over time by relying more and more on their own personal judgement, and watch your little angel naturally develop into an independent lady.

3. Encourage her to be comfortable in her own skin. If she is afraid to be honest with her self, how will she grow the confidence to introduce and represent herself to others? Create an environment both inside and outside the home where she can proudly celebrate who she is and where she plans on going in the future. The more confident someone is in themselves, the harder it is to manipulate or distract them from their end goals.