Enchanted Garden


Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, a young fairy princess discovered a bag of magic dust. Excited by the discovery of her new powers, yet saddened she had no one to share them with; she sat alone under a tree. As the days turned into nights and sunlight slowly morphed to darkness the spectrum of light pinks, purples, oranges and yellows danced through the night until they were muffled by the coming sunset. The fairy turned to the tree that had been her only companion and was overcome with inspiration. Imbued with magical powers and a dream of creating her own special world. A world in which she could make others happy, the fairy sprinkled her dust over the tree.

As the dust particles multiplied, so did the leaves and the trunks that carried them. Under the rainbow-tinted sky, silk-like grass carpeted the floor, flowers bloomed, birds ruffled their feathers and multi-coloured butterflies fluttered their glittering wings. A labyrinth filled with crystallised stones appeared and resonated the laughs of the little princesses that frolicked within. A sparkling river as clear as glass mirrored this new world, as if the young princess was starring into an alternate universe.

Enter Deena London – showcasing a world full of magic and fairies. Inspired by the romance of the enchanted garden, her luxury children’s wear debut collection features vibrant florals, floaty pastels, feathered skirts and tiered ruffles. Specialising in exceptional craftsmanship, stunning embellishment and luxury silk fabrics. The Swarovski crystals, painted stones, opal beads and bespoke sequins, bring the magical universe alive. Deena creates unique and hand crafted pieces of art that are simple yet sophisticated – perfect for any little princess.