How to Ensure your Child’s First Day of the School Term is a Success

How to Ensure your Child’s First Day of the School Term is a Success
As parents across the world are preparing themselves for the early morning school runs, grab and go breakfasts, work and home life juggling and much more, the team decided to gather a list of helpful tips to make your child’s first day of the new academic year, a successful one!


1. Encourage them to select their own outfits to give them a sense of independence and allow them to naturally develop their personal styles.

2. Ask ask ask! That is, encouraging your kids to inquire about things. A curious mind will build your little girl’s confidence and help her differentiate between the things that make her feel comfortable, and things she may not agree with as much.

3.Encourage them to join in with other children’s during extra curricular activities to help them build relationships and boost their confidence.

4.Keep your little ones active by swapping the car for foot, visiting the park instead of staying indoors on a bright day and exploring the many kids activities on offer in your city.

5.Our children will come across a number of things in life that help determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie. At these time, let them know that it’s okay to communicate to you, what they might be finding it difficult to do.

Here at Deena London, we encourage further learning and exploration of the world as well as ourselves, in order to help build confidence in our future leaders – and particularly within our little ladies! We won’t always master things at the beginning, but by working on things as a team and facing situations head-on, the challenge will seem far easier to overcome…